Directional Guidestrips

The need for directional guide strips is gaining more and more acceptance in the ADA community today. These directional guide strips allow the visually impaired to cross roadways and intersections and to navigate through busy centers to arrive at their destination.

Many major transit stations, airports, malls and college campuses are now designing these directional guide strips throughout their public accessibility areas.

Our SSTD Directional Guide Strip system is designed to meet ADA compliance, but also designed with the general public in mind. Our SSTD Directional Guide Strip is made from the same flexible material and has the same low profile as does all of our systems and therefore will not create a trip hazard condition (when installed correctly.) Again, anchors or pins are not required when installing the SSTD Directional Guide Strip. We have incorporated “Powerbond” Peel ‘n Stick technology to adhere our system to the substrate. Powerbond allows our products to not only adhere to concrete and asphalt, but to other materials as well, such as tile, granite, and other solid surfaces. Just position your guide strip and outline the perimeter with masking tape (leave 1/4 inch between strip and tape). Peel off the release paper and adhere to substrate. Finish by floating up our waterproof seal adhesive at all edges, pull your tape and walk away.

Standard size of the SSTD Directional Guide Strip is

  • 31” x 6”
  • 31” x 9”
  • 31” x 12”


This system is available in our standard 6 SSTD colors. Custom colors are available depending on the quantity.


Please contact our technical support team if you have any other questions or concerns..