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    • Bonds to asphalt and concrete

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    • High flexural strength

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    • Cut to fit any shape with ease

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    • Custom colors • Remove partial domes

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    • Breathable • Water-based adhesives • Waterproof

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    • Skid-resistant • No mechanical fasteners

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    SSTD products are made in the USA


Our Traditional system
is the mainstay of our product offering.


With the use of this system, you can handle radius corners with ease and offer the best aesthetically looking finish available today. Whether your application calls for radius conditions or be it a long stretch of domes running the length of the walkway, our Traditional system gives you a one piece, monolithic look. All seams are hidden because of the way the system is installed on-site.

This flexible cement-based mat comes in 10 ft. lengths (widths are either 2' or 3' ft), which allows you to cover more sq. ft. in one application. This mat is in its raw stage and is adhered to the desired surface with our proprietary SSTD589 adhesive.

Steps are then taken to build up the complete system on-site, ensuring that edges and seams are fully incapsulated and sealed.

Next a second coat of the SSTD589 is rolled over entire mat in preparation to receive the textured aggregate (SSTDTEXTURE-30) which is broadcast over the mat. Once dry, the color coat (SSTD100) and final clear sealer (SSTD1250) are applied to complete the system.